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At Toronto Furnace Repair, you can count on us not only for a new furnace in Toronto when you need it most, but despite the name of our company, new air conditioning replacements are also one of our specialties.

With over 20 years experience, Toronto Furnace Repair are your trusted partners when you need a reliable and affordable mew furnace or A/C installed in Toronto, Thornhill, East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Oakville, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa, Aurora, Markham, Newmarket, King City, Maple, York & Unionville.

When a Toronto Furnace is beyond repair, you don't have to 3 layers of clothes on your, 5 on the baby, and 2 for Rover the dog to keep you all warm.  We are just a phone call away and can very often give you a price over the phone (with our "no surprise" guarantee --- meaning what we quote is what you will pay), but we can also get the new Toronto Furnace or A/C installed super fast . . .  quite often on the same day.

A new Toronto Furnace is not quite like a plugged toilet where you can get a plunger and fix it yourself.  This type of thing needs to be done by trained and licensed professional because dealing with natural gas can be extremely dangerous if someone doesn't know what they are doing.

And when a Toronto Air Conditioning system is permanently down, we are there rain or shine if you need us and want us.  And here too quite often we can do the new A/C installation on the same day.

Give Toronto Furnace Repair a call at 416-825-2106 when you need a new furnace in Toronto or AC installation.


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